Taurus man and taurus woman marriage compatibility

When a Taurus man is in love, he will be more than happy to buy her expensive clothes, perfumes, jewelry, shower her with other gifts, and enjoy in her happiness for receiving such amount of attention. He is proud to be capable to provide her with all that. In return, he expects his woman to be loyal and to sincerely admire her man for all his qualities.

He prefers staying at home instead of going out, and his home is the most important place for him, so he will expect his woman to have this attachment to home as well. He is a hedonist and gourmand, and he will expect his woman to cook for him and pamper him in other ways. This man has difficulty relaxing emotionally, but when he finally relaxes, he becomes a being full of love and tenderness, who enjoys expressing his feelings to the woman he loves.

The Taurus man can often overindulge in the pleasures of life, usually in food. The Taurus man is very passionate and loves sex, and he wants a partner who can follow him in seeking the pleasures of the flesh. He enjoys pleasing women in general, and the bed is only one of the places where he does that. The sign of Taurus is fixed and that makes this man unable to adapt to changes quickly. He also needs time to decide whether he likes some woman and has a desire to pursue her or not. He will turn the earth upside down if he has to, to finally conquer her.

These men are gallant lovers.

Taurus Man Taurus Woman Compatibility - Mystic Compatibility

They will take their women to the best restaurants and shower them with gifts; if he is a typical Taurus that is how he will probably try to win her heart. These men plan their actions way ahead. That would be an immediate turn-off. They want a woman who is sweet, with good manners and devoted to her man. The Taurus man also despises aggressiveness and rude approach. He is a real man and expects his woman to act as a true woman. The Taurus woman has an eye and a love for beauty. She loves to be surrounded by beautiful things and knows how to create a beautiful living space. She is usually very elegant and has a great personal style, which many women and men admire and look up to.

Taurus Man

These women are usually very beautiful and that often comes from their ruling planet Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. Even when they are not natural beauties, these women possess a special charm which leaves no man indifferent.

Taurus Is Grounded

This woman is usually a home type, and puts in a lot of effort to create a beautiful space where she could enjoy and find peace. She is capable of creating miracles with limited assets. She is naturally creative and full of ideas on how to decorate her surroundings. Although they are capable of managing on their own, they desire to have a strong and reliable man by their side.

These women are women in the true sense of that word, and they enjoy being in the company of a truly masculine man in their life. They have natural respect towards the roles of females and males in a relationship and they enjoy their feminine role, just as they expect their man to fulfill his natural masculine role.

They are very passionate and they are not afraid to express their passion and sex appeal openly.

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility: The Good and the Bad

They never demonstrate it in a rude way though, as some other female signs do. Just like everything else they do in life, they seduce their man with style and elegance. Taurus women are not overly ambitious.

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They perform well in their career, but that is not their main goal in life. They aim to find the right man they could start a family with one day, and that is a bigger priority for her than being a successful career woman. She is a good cook and enjoys preparing delicious food.

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She is good at entertaining and her friends love spending time in the coziness of her home. These women love luxury and the good things life is offering to them. Their ideal romantic scenario is a man who shares their interests and is a home type. A man they can lean on, but not in a codependent way. They prefer having their own cash and not rely on anyone. They are happy to receive a gift from their loved ones, and they gladly return it. They love expressing their feelings through their words and through touch. They love hugging and kissing their man.

If you are not a type who is emotionally open like she is, maybe the Taurus woman is not the right woman for you. The Taurus man and the Taurus woman are a generally compatible couple for a love relationship. They both share the same interests and traits, and are both dedicated to their home.

This can be a constructive base for the long-term relationship.

Taurus Man And Taurus Woman: Nature Of Bonding

It is somehow logical that people tend to think that the Leo man is not too emotional. Maybe that is because they combine it with the sangfroid of a lion, but in this case, it is totally the opposite. Leo man has warm emotions and strives for love. Yes, even this big boy can turn from a beast to a little kitty. Yet, we will accentuate that this is his nature when it comes to relationships. He would want to cuddle all the time and spend time in bed with his partner.

Believe it or not, the Leo man will have some difficulties in completely breaking up with his last girlfriend.

Taurus Woman Taurus Man Compatibility – A Wonderful & Balanced Relationship

Even when he splits with a woman, he will still think of her, until a new one comes. Yes, until she comes. Because even the Leo man can be passive in searching for the love of his life. But, the Leo man is not always like this. It can happen, but not too often. Leo man is more of a tracker. He sniffs the good meat, just like a lion. And when he sniffs it, there is no way to stop him from seducing this woman. Women are weak in front of men born in this zodiac sign.

Leo looks like a guardian, he gives the impression of security and safety to other people. You see, when you see one of these guys, you instantly feel some kind of affection. They are very intelligent, good-looking, dignified, strong men. When in a relationship, the Leo man will try hard to prove to you his loyalty and affection. He will buy you expensive presents, tell you jokes just to see you smile, take you everywhere with him. Once he gets you, there is no way he is leaving. The big heart of the Leo man needs love and will do everything that his woman feels loved and respond to him the same way.

However, the Leo man is usually well aware of himself. Sometimes he will do things just for show, to demonstrate how big he is. At the other times, he can act selfishly. You can trust the Leo man. He will be with you if he wants to, there is no need to play with your emotions. Taurus woman has two great sides of her personality — she is sentimental and she is patient. But, of course, there are many more attributes within this woman. She is also stable, realistic, focused, persistent and caring.

Taurus Man With Taurus Woman Compatibility

Stubbornness is definitely her biggest flaw. If the Taurus woman thinks of something one way, even if the whole world stands upon it, she will think the same. Taurus woman tries to control herself sometimes. She knows how temperament she can be, so for the sake of the peace, she will ignore many things.