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They will also be there for you if you are bouncing back your own ideas. You will both thrive and shine as a result of such a balancing act.

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Mmmm Libran friends hello, I drew this card during an odd moment. Right on Full Moon. Fear not we have Athame. This is us. It is a gift though. To a point. Athame is that point when something is just done because the occasion urgently calls for it. This is the where when using an Athame, we need to be really sure of where we direct our power. So, we want to avoid if we can however our buttons are pushed.

What it is that you want to achieve? Where is it you want to be? That also applies to the connections made during this time, for being a trusting sign, we can over-invest in people with the best of intentions, and find a cooler approach is required. So, there will be some serious talks perhaps, where you need and want to be listened to, and acknowledge without judgement. The Spell. I think this really also relates to the tail end of last week for you.

Did you work your hot, alluring magic on anyone?

Happy Birthday, Virgo!!

For the power you created the fire you generated, will not leave you, it will culminate now into a powerful energy you can apply to other situations in your life. As Libra will be directed words and actions, and Cancerians will be creating Spells from a book of words, so will you. Your warning as a sign that can sting with your tongue when injured or wronged, is choose your words carefully for they are extra strong and extra potent.

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They will go straight to the target, no messing, and the intention you put into your words will have full impact. If you arm yourself with rose quartz, regardless of the Spell you weave, or the words you say, you are applying a universal loving feeling. Assuming you do this, it will be a great week. Negotiating anything important? Going for a job interview? Applying for a loan? Whoever you are talking to you will find they will be keenly hearing and listening to you. They will ask questions, but your words will have impact. The results of this, action, proaction, movement. There are gains to be made.

Hence and I go back to this point, you have to seriously consider your motives carefully. Are you coming from a point of ego, is your ego balanced, read Virgo if you have Virgo rising in your sign will anyone be harmed in your getting your way? What are the consequences to this plan you have succeeding? For they will. You will have a determination that is in character with your sign, an almost stubborn streak, that enhanced by the Spell, is doubled. A driven Scorpio is an impressive sight to behold, if you can get a team around you, one you can work with, the benefits will be shared, and the ripple effect of your success will be a good one.

Imagine a bear that was born in the winter, and taken into a Cave to hibernate. As each spring day makes the earth greener and we see new life all around us, the bear emerges and wonders at the beauty of it all. The Horned God is of the earth, and asks you to remember that you are too, and perhaps your head has been taking you elsewhere. Distracted by problems or perhaps the opposite you may feel things are going so well you can afford to float a little. This earth element like Taurus is your lesson.

Reconnect with it, feel it underneath you.

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Go barefoot somewhere, feel sand beneath your toes. Soak up the feeling of the warm healing grains this time of year. In losing your grounding, you may have lost your connections with people you hold dear to you. Or may be seeing only the negative aspects of your associations, whereas it is actually the opposite. There are people in your life you keep to the outside edge, their value not being as great as others you draw close to for your own reasons, perhaps because they shine as stars.

It may be where you see yourself in a family or social tree, and how you behave to people above or below you in that tree. Are you as respectful and mindful of all who value you? Everyone is useful to you, and you are useful to everyone. They just meet different needs, in different ways. Reconnect with those you may have lost somewhere.

Your base chakra features here again, are you generally tired? By reconnecting to the ground, you reboot yourself, recharge your base chakra, think earthy red and brown colours, take a red jasper crystal and place on your lower abdomen, and draw in a few deep breaths there. Rest up, rush less, turn off your devices, and switch the t. Fancy a bit of a detox, it might not be a bad idea!

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There is a lot of potential success, in the sense of genuine contentment if you do it. Greetings Capricorn, hello! Expect your 3rd eye to tingle every now and again, especially when you meditate or centre your breathing to this area.

You may experience seeing aquamarine blues and greens before you. Then what comes afterwards will be visions, either in the form of shapes, colours, or mini stories. They will come as you focus on your 3rd eye, or in your sleep during R. M or dream mode. Make a note of what you see. This is one of those opportunities to keep a journal. It may be that you feel a little vulnerable at this time, for when you are more sensitive or attuned, therefore the holey stone also has protective properties. You will with such insight know where to place your boundaries and people will pick up on that.

It may be a good time for you to consider who is in your life, and how you feel about them. When you look at the structure of the holey stone, a hole with a thick wall of stone around it, imagine that you see through the hole, and are protected by the wall. Pay attention to the clues and messages you will be receiving this week.

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There will be signs large and small, guiding you through any decision-making process you are going through. Make a note of them, listen to the key messages, for they may be coming from very important spirit guides, who are here look after and guide you. If you are not already working or developing as a psychic, it may be time to consider this and opening up yourself to connect with spirit or natural energy to enhance your life, and the lives of others. Very often you will get a hint as to which direction your psychic powers will take you. The world both earth plane and spiritual is now yours to explore.

We are talking chill time, kicking back time, you time. A very earthy one. The animals approachable and friendly will nestle beside you, and take comfort from you being there. One may even introduce itself as a familiar, for this is where they dwell, somewhere safe and nurturing for you to visit them. The people you meet here, are laid back, gentle and will greet you with a drink, some food, and relieve you of your backpack, and everyday clothes. Offering you much lighter, and comfortable options ensuring you forget your stresses and dramas.

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And the distance you put between yourself and the people who may have been part of that drama will help you. Bringing this back to real life, the message is simple, you need to relax. So, look at your lifestyle, just get it back on track a little, and most of all, find time for those who love you unconditionally, and understand you.

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If you are alone, this may be a time to interact with people whilst you relax. You may find someone like-minded looking to escape and connect with new people who are a nurturing and supportive influence in their life too. The world is waiting for you to enjoy it. Pissssscesssssss the Snake likes the water at the moment it seems, and it brings you all the exciting things Scorpio had but with a Piscean twist.

Things are going to get a little exciting for you. Things are going to change for you. You are particularly fired up in the creative area as well.