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The Chinese Zodiac is a symbolic cycle of twelve animal signs, with each sign reflecting qualities traditionally associated with these animals. The Chinese New Year which occurs in January or February , marks the transition from one sign to the next and people born in particular years are believed to exhibit some of the corresponding zodiac characteristics.

The year of your birth with its corresponding animal sign represents only the most general of characteristics - i.

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A much more detailed personal analysis is provided by exploring all Four Pillars, taking into account not only the year, but also the month, day, and hour of birth. Each of the pillars is made up of two characters: 1 a Heavenly Stem , representing the quality of elemental force, and 2 an Earthly Branch , representing the way this is expressed. There are ten Heavenly Stems, each combining one of the five classical Chinese elements with either positive Yang or negative Yin energy. These energies then manifest through the twelve Earthly Branches corresponding to the signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

The Year Pillar represents the characteristics that you may expect to share with the cohort of people who are born in the same year. This pillar comprises the elemental energy of the year's Heavenly Stem and the typical manifestation of its Earthly Branch the year's Zodiac Sign. The month pillar represents your archetypal inner qualities, especially as these express a deeper, wiser or older self.

The 5-element system of Chinese astrology

It may also indicate characteristics that become more apparent in your later years. The Day Pillar is generally the most significant.

CHINESE ASTROLOGY: year & hour zodiac signs E10

It indicates your everyday personality - the socialized version of yourself that you normally express and that other people experience and respond to. It may also suggest characteristics that become clearer in your adult years, or when you are at your prime. The Hour Pillar represents your natural, spontaneous, untutored self. Perhaps you usually keep this self private, holding back from expressing its qualities because they might appear childish or otherwise unacceptable.

When under stress, or at times of crisis, you may find that your natural self tends to burst out uncomfortably.

There are ten Heavenly Stems and twelve Earthly Branches or animals and they are used not only to construct a Chinese horoscope, but also in the practice of feng shui to indicate direction on a traditional Chinese compass or Luo Pan. The ten Heavenly Stems represent heaven's chi and "providence". They are arranged according to the Five Elements and subdivided into yang and yin polarities. The sequence begins with yang wood Jia , yin wood Yi , yang fire Bing , yin fire Ding , yang earth Wu , yin earth Ji , yang metal Geng , yin metal Xin , yang water Ren , and ends with yin water Gui.

Below your Heavenly Stems are your "Earthly Branches" or what are more commonly known as the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. They represent Earth Luck, meaning nature or destiny and have the ability to get you in the right place and, with heaven luck, at the right time. They are also arranged according to the Five Elements, Yin and Yang polarities and follow the four seasons. The Earthly Branches show the rise and fall of qi throughout a year and as there are twelve zodiac signs and twelve months in a year, each sign is fixed.

The Chinese use double hours so each animal sign is also associated with a two hour period of a day. Click here to see your free Chinese Astrology chart.

Find The Secret of Your Destiny

Each enigmatic Destiny Numeral comes with three mystifying Stars. This means there are some interesting twists to each reading depending on the Stars. You get your wonderful Numeral and Stars in the app by entering your birth details into the free Four Pillars calculator. The speedy app does all the calculations for you in seconds. It is so exciting to bring this system to the English speaking world. Why poetry?

Free Chinese Element Analysis

The brilliant and clever luck verses were written in a cryptic style. We have translated the fantastic work of the renowned astrologer, Master Ghost Valley, into English verse. To make it easy to understand your life and luck, we have added delightful commentaries to explain the lyrical English luck verses.

We have made the amazing predictions relevant to modern life. By writing in elegant English verse, we have kept the mystery and beauty of what was created by Master Ghost Valley. You can find out more about the amazing Master Valley inside the app. What's in this gorgeous app? You enter your birth place, birth date and time into this calculator to get your lovely Stars and Numerals.

One tap gives you a beautifully colorful Four Pillars chart full natal Chinese Astrology chart and your delightful Destiny Numeral. This is the quick and easy way for you to use the app, if you are new to Chinese Astrology.

Rising Signs for the Chinese Zodiac

You get a tantalizing free mini-reading for your Year Star. It will be a pleasure for you to use the app to give readings to your friends and family, in an instant. By treating yourself to the brilliant bundle of life readings via in-app purchase you access all the excellent readings as often as you wish.

The app lets you save marvelous records for each person, so you can quickly open a saved record to pull up a colorful Four Pillars chart. Tap the Destiny Numeral and you get a superb 'Done for You' life reading. It takes time and practice to learn the inspirational art of interpreting character and luck from an astrology chart with the outstanding Four Pillars of Destiny. If you are curious to learn more about the fascinating Four Pillars of Destiny, you tap the 'Analyse Chart' button and step into the wonderful world of Four Pillars.

Many famous Feng Shui masters and classically trained Chinese astrologers use the clever art of Four Pillars to help people get more from life. Whether you have questions about career, wealth, success or romance, love, marriage or fortune and happiness, the answers can be found in your chart. In the 'Elements and Spirits' screen you tap the chart to find wealth, fame, status, friends, marriage and children in your chart. In the stylish 'Luck and Annual Pillars' screen you scroll through the ten year and annual luck pillars to see what the future brings.

What is in the app is a super start for you to learn about the Four Pillars of Destiny. If you already know Four Pillars, the lovely app is an excellent and handy tool.

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  • You can calculate a chart quickly and accurately wherever you happen to be. As an enthusiast you can practice giving extraordinary readings to friends and family, using the fantastic chart analysis features. You give an extra spin with the inspiring 'Done for You' life readings.

    When you are doing a Four Pillars life reading, you might need to decide between two different Hour Pillars. The solar time is displayed beneath the chart, so you can tell at a glance if you need to check two charts. Does one of the readings stand out? If so, then you have found the Hour Pillar.

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    What if you want a reading quickly without doing an in-depth study of a birth chart? Or you are looking for some inspiration? Even the most experienced Feng Shui Masters and Astrologers will get something amazing from the remarkable poetic life readings from the tremendous Stars and Numerals.